Micro-Credentialing Courses are offered through GAEL! 

Professional Investment Network:

The GAEL Micro-Credentialing Program is designed to assist educational leaders with investing in themselves, others, and their organizations to produce positive results.

Courses are available for Georgia educational leaders to include teachers, administrators, and central office/building level leaders who are GAEL Members. All Courses offered to correspond with one of the following Core Areas of Focus: Preparation of Self, Development of Others, and Leading the Organization to Produce Positive Results.


What is micro-credentialing?

GAEL micro-credentialing is a way professionals in the educational leadership field can enhance their already existing skills and be officially recognized as having mastered those skills. The National Education Association describes micro-credentialing as a “competency digital form of certification” that are available for both formal and informal skills with the end goal being to improve an educator’s professional practice.

Despite being similar to other forms of credentialing, micro-credentialing is a much briefer process that is more highly focused on a specific topic. Very often, these credentials are very tightly focused on one specific topic. Micro-credentialing returns ownership to the learner and allows them to map their own pathway through the things of interest to them, and have them recognized in a transferrable way. Think of the badges earned in Boy/Girl Scouts. The individual is able to pursue the area(s) of particular interest to her/him, and the criteria for earning the “badge of learning” or GAEL P.I.N. is made explicit.

Micro-credentialing should not be conceptualized as some form of replacement for formal education. Instead, micro-credentialing builds upon the body of knowledge and skills that working professionals already possess thanks to their time earning a degree and working in their fields. These credentials are not an alternative to higher education. The foundational skills and knowledge that educational leaders learn during their undergraduate and graduate programs set the basis upon which micro-credentialing can be done.

Questions? Email Cindy Flesher at cflesher@gael.org.

Current Courses Offered: 

Crucial Conversations Training

Leadership Coaching

Shared Leadership Best Practices

Literacy Leadership Institutes