It really is only a matter of days until the November election and one of the most crucial votes for Georgians will be on the Opportunity School District amendment.  We must encourage our friends and community to vote NO on the School Takeover amendment.  It is not about serving the poverty stricken low performing schools, it is about turning local schools over to for-profit charter schools that are friends to the Governor.   The State Department can take over those schools now but not by awarding them to for-profit charter schools.  This is bad legislation—it is bad for Georgia and it is bad for education.  No state has been successful doing exactly what the amendment and the Governor is proposing.   

The tragedy of all of this is that the amendment is worded to sound like it will help poverty stricken underperforming schools.  It will not!  The only hope of keeping the misdeed from happening is for us—the professional educators in Georgia–to tell our friends and community to vote NO.  There is no other way.

The time is now and the place is here to do what is right!