Almost everyone is underway with the new school year and all certainly will be by the end of the week.  One of the things that I continue to read that vital to the success of any school in any year is that each individual school has a goal for the year.  Obviously school leaders have a lot to do this time of year but leading your faculty to establish a reasonable and attainable goal for your school may be the single most important thing that you do in the next month.

Establishing a formidable goal is not the end of the task—following through on the goal is crucial.  Reminding students and faculty regularly of what the school wants to accomplish is vital to being successful.  Every successful high school athletic team in this state has as its goal winning the state championship and so it must be for our schools in every area.  Make a goal and strive to accomplish it; do just muddle through.  The lives of our children depend on us helping them to set goals which stretch them and cause them to grow!

Good luck to each of you and I hope that each of you are able to attain your goal this year