The Georgia Association of School Public Relations Administrators (GASPRA) maintains an active, valuable network for school public relations officers.  Earlier this week they sent an important announcement that may be applicable to many of you.  A number of school systems have contracted their custodial services in recent years.  Many schools call on their custodians to do routine maintenance tasks including pesticide applications.  School administrators should be aware that in order for custodians to apply pesticides they should be licensed to do so.  While this may not apply to many of you, it is worthwhile information for all of us.

Please be aware that the Governor continues to speak harshly of those of us who are opposing his OSD effort.  Mama said many times “a bit dog hollers” and perhaps that is applicable here.  The Governor is beginning to realize that there are serious objections from educators statewide to the Opportunity School concept.  Congratulations to each of the Boards of Education that have gone on record as opposing OSD.  That is where the effort to defeat OSD is most effective—local board members and school leaders telling their friends and community that OSD is really a bad idea!  Do what is right—speak out!!!

I strongly encourage you to read Myra Blackmon’s article on the OSD which is included in the GAEL Flyer.  It contains many of the points that we all need to make in our communities regarding OSD.  It is one of the best articles I have read recently.