GAEL's Aspiring Principal Support Program

The responsibilities of public school leaders are very complex - building manager, human resource administrator, change agent, student disciplinarian, cheerleader, instructional leader, school improvement specialist, and in some cases, surrogate parent. Fulfilling these roles in a positive and successful manner is challenging for many experienced building level leaders. Inexperienced leaders need help 'staying focused on the big picture' and need to be provided opportunities for collaborative and reflective learning.


2018-2019 Program Dates

September 25, 2018- Regan Center in Houston County

November 7, 2018 - GAESP/GAMSP Fall Conference in Savannah 

December 2018 - GAEL Office,  Athens

January 27, 2019 - GAEL Winter Conference, Athens  

March 2019 - Middle Georgia

July 14, 2019 - GAEL Summer Conference (free with purchase of GAEL and 1 Affiliate memberships for next year)



Current member of GAEL and GAESP, GAMSP or GASSP - $600.00

New Member (includes membership in GAEL and one affiliate until June 30, 2018) - $825.00


Aspiring Principal Resources

Most People

Living Contradictions and Working For Change

2018-19 PSC Code of Ethics

2018-19 Ethics Investigations

Best Hiring Practices Overview

GASPA Toolkits Webinar

Recruitment Roadmap

Retention Roadmap

Selection Roadmap

Revised GTES Effectiveness System

Teacher Interview Questions

School Finances

APPs for Education

The Case for Case Studies

Special Education Quiz 2018

Managing Learning Space

TEM & LEM Timeline

Legislative Review - December 2017

AP Program - December 4, 2017

Understanding the new CCRPI

Overview of the Redesigned CCRPI

Simulations for Education Administrators (password=GAEL345!)

Liability plan for Educators - Page 1Page 2

2017 Special Education Quiz

2016 Winter GACIS ESSA Presentation

2016 Writing from Source Material

Abandonment Letter

Charge Letter

Documentation - GTDRI

Interview Questions - Performance Based

LOD - Socializing with Students

LOD - Teacher Performance

LOD- Classroom Management

LOD - Documentation - GTDRI

LOD - Latesness, Lesson PLans, Class Mgmt

LOD - Alcohol

LOD - Continued Absence

LOD - Innappropriate Relationship and USe of Technology

LOD - Performance (Teacher)

LOD - Remediation

LOD - Testing Violation

LOD - Touching Student

Strategic Human Capital Management