Governor Kemp to Speak at Summer GAEL

Friday May 31, 2019

We received word late last week that Governor Brian Kemp is for sure coming to Summer GAEL and will speak at approximately 3:20 pm on Sunday afternoon, July 14.  Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan will speak at approximately 4:15 pm that same afternoon.

Governor Kemp has begun his support for public education in fine fashion.  Without doubt the $3000 teacher pay raise put him on the high track.  His generous support of school safety by funding grants to each school in the amount of $30,000 speaks volumes about his support for local schools.  The finest thing that he has done from many perspectives is his conscientious and deliberate effort to communicate with teachers across the state as indicated in the listening sessions at all the RESAs and his superintendent roundtables where he as listened to small groups of educational leaders and their suggestions for improving education in Georgia.  His appointment of Joy Hawkins as GOSA Executive Director is inspiring.  She has represented him at each of the RESA meetings and has been open, humble, and enthusiastic about improving public education.  The fact that Governor Kemp vetoed the recess bill and the school safety bills after input from educators that they were not in the best interests of school systems tells us where is heart is!  We welcome Governor Kemp to the 2019 GAEL Summer Conference.  We sincerely thank him for his advocacy for public education that he has demonstrated this year.