Support Your RESA

Friday October 12, 2018

This summer and early fall I have had an opportunity to visit almost all of the RESAs in the state.  Without exception they are a hard working group of education professionals that genuinely care about the schools in their service area and their students.  Those of you in larger school systems don’t generally have much contact with the RESAs but those of us who are in or have served in small school systems know that if it were not for the RESAs we literally could not make it.  The speech pathology, psychometric, mental health, and curriculum support that RESAs provide to school systems is only the surface.  If you visit Coastal Plains, Northwest Georgia, First District, or any of the other RESAs you will see leadership in motion—those folks know how to get it done and done well.

RESA support from the legislature has been spotty at best.  With the evolution of ESSA the RESAs have taken even more hits and they are for the most part operating on a shoestring.  I want to encourage you to tell your RESA how much you appreciate them and to encourage them to keep up their hard work.  They don’t want to expect a shower of cash to come their way, but all of us need to know that our work is appreciated and we have the support of those that we serve.

RESAs are the backbone of instructional development across this state.  The major strides that we have made in raising the graduation rate is a team effort and the RESAs are most certainly a part of that team.  They certainly have my most sincere admiration and support.