School Safety!

Thursday March 22, 2018

The General Assembly is formulating several study committees for the coming summer to gather information on school safety.  Of course their response is a part of the nation’s sensitivity brought on by the shootings in Florida.  GAEL will certainly do its part and we will hopefully have some information to share as a part of the GAEL Summer Conference.  Please read the article from Education Week found at the end of today’s Flyer.

I do not pretend to be an expert on school safety but there are some things that we all need to be reminded of on a regular basis.

  1. There is no substitute for an active, positive relationship with the law enforcement agencies that serve your school.I want to encourage you to invite them to have lunch with your students every nine weeks so that they will have a feel for what students are like inside the school house in non-emergency situations.
  2. The value of student information about what is going on, who is saying what, and things that you need to know is priceless.I used to have a program called First Thursday in which any student (up to 20 students) could sign up to have pizza lunch with me.They could tell me anything they wanted to and could ask any question that was reasonable.I got a wealth of information from those students!
  3. Research shows over and over that a positive school climate in which students feel welcome and have someone they can talk to goes a long way in promoting school safety.
  4. When you have a student that you feel uneasy about, see that they get help.Problem students will not just go away and being proactive may be the best school safety measure that you can take.
  5. Send someone from your school or system to the 8th Annual Safety in our Schools Conference sponsored by GEMA and UGA, June 28-30 in Tifton.Details are available at School Safety Conference.
  6. Make school fun!When students enjoy coming to school items 1-4 have a way of taking care of themselves.