2018 General Assembly Convenes on January 8

Thursday January 04, 2018

The 2018 version of the Georgia General Assembly convenes on January will many new leaders because of resignations to run for various offices. 

It appears that Sen. Butch Miller, a good friend of public education, will become the Speaker Pro-Tem of the Senate.  Numerous other changes will be announced next week.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s Eggs and Issues Breakfast is scheduled for Wednesday, January 10, and that is always the first signal of what will happen in the legislature during the current session.  The Governor’s State of the State address to the full General Assembly will be on Wednesday or Thursday and then it will really be rolling.  We anticipate that it will be a short session with very few recess days this year because of the November elections.

Legislators cannot campaign or accept funds while the General Assembly is in session so you can expect them to get it done quickly.  The Capitol Opinion will keep you up to date on what is happening but if you need information quicker than that, please do not hesitate to call Dr.Jimmy Stokes, GAEL Executive Director at 770-601-3798.