Politics Takes a Welcomed Turn

Tuesday September 20, 2016

Over the past weekend one of Governor Nathan Deal’s longtime allies took a stand against the Opportunity School District.  The Marietta Daily Journal who had endorsed Deal in both of his elections published an editorial:  School Amendment Offers No Opportunity. The MDJ editorial quickly surmised that the Amendment #1 is about the money—allowing the state and others access to local education dollars.   “But the abundance of evidence leads us to believe that he has been led astray by advisors who have less altruistic motives in advocating for this dangerous proposal.”  The MDJ also points out that if all of Georgia’s teachers turned out to vote against this amendment, t would undoubtedly fail.   

Nathan Deal is apparently concerned over the number of school boards and professional organizations taking a stand against the Opportunity School District amendment which will appear on the November ballot as constitutional amendment #1.  His distaste for school boards and others opposing him was evidenced by his off the cuff remarks at the Georgia Leadership Institute earlier this month in Atlanta.  Deal had less than positive statements to make about school boards that oppose the amendment.  His further angst has been demonstrated by him calling on Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims of Albany to speak for the amendment.  (Sims cast the deciding vote in the Senate to put the amendment on the ballot.)  Calling on Powell-Sims should anger many members of the Georgia Senate since shortly after casting the deciding vote a sizeable allocation was made to Albany State University for a building that probably will be named for Freddie Powell Sims.    It says something about the worthiness of the proposal when the Governor resorts to calling on Democrats for support, particularly those that have lost favor and respect from their own party.

The only way to fight the dangerous amendment and Deal’s shady politics is to encourage our colleagues and friends to vote NO against Amendment #1.  Don’t let local dollars fall into the hands of parasitic state bureaucrats and a parade of special interests—MDJ.