NO Ga Schools Takeover Campaign Begins to Roll

Thursday August 04, 2016

Attendees at the GAEL Summer Conference heard an outstanding presentation by GSBA Executive Director Valerie Wilson on the No Ga School Takeover Campaign of which GAEL is an actively participating partner.  The dramatic video that was shown at the Summer Conference will be available soon on the GAEL website,, and you are encouraged to share the video with your community.  Ms. Wilson pointed out that the School Takeover movement authored by Governor Deal is aimed squarely at Georgia’s poorest schools were poverty and English language proficiency are at their lowest.  One of the most important points that Valerie made is that this is a community by community campaign and that every educator must make the effort to educate their community as to the dark side of the School Takeover effort—it is about money and property and converting Georgia schools to privately run operations that communities will have difficulty ever reclaiming.  Do you part and tell your community what the truth is on School Takeover:  it is not about the children it about the money and the property.  Vote NO and encourage everyone you know to vote NO!