Governor Deal Appoints Teacher Advisory Committee

Wednesday June 01, 2016

 Last week Governor Nathan Deal appointed a ninety person Teacher Advisory Committee that will meet over the summer and fall to offer recommendations of the 2015 Education Reform Commission.  The recommendations of the Committee will go to Governor Deal and to legislators as they deal with the legislation coming out of the Reform Commission.

The Committee will be chaired by Amy Carter, State Representative from Valdosta who is also a CTAE teacher at Lowndes High School.  Carter also serves on the House Education Committee and has been a floor leader in the House for Governor Deal.  The Governor’s Office solicited recommendations of teachers from the directors of each Regional Education Service Agency (RESA), Superintendents, legislators, and other educational leaders throughout the State. For each recommendation, we asked for years of experience, grade level, and subject taught. We asked for teachers who were considered innovative in their approach to teaching and those who were reform-minded, staying current on new ideas and research.

The full list of teachers selected for the Committee is attached.  We wish them the very best and know that they will strive to represent what is best for education and children across Georgia.

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