Membership in GAMSP is open to individuals who are engaged in the administration of middle schools in Georgia and/or who support the middle school concept.

Five categories of membership are available:

  1. Active membership is for is for individuals who are state certified administrators (principals, assistant principals, administrative assistants, central office administration, curriculum directors, and other administrative team leaders) actively engaged in the administration of schools with grades 5 8, or any combination of these grades.
  2. Associate membership is reserved for individuals who are not eligible for active, honorary, or retired membership, but who are in harmony with the goals of the Association
  3. Honorary membership is in recognition of distinguished service to the Georgia Association of Middle School Principals
  4. Retired membership is open to any administrator who has retired from active employment.
  5. Institutional Membership is available to schools whose students are in grades 5 8, or any combination of these grades. The membership shall be held in the name of the school.

The membership year is July 1 through June 30. All persons and institutions paying dues after July shall be members for that membership year. Membership is effective upon receipt of payment of dues.

Membership Benefits & Services

Professional Development

Members are provided on-going opportunities to increase and enhance their knowledge and skills via participation in the Summer and Winter GAEL Conferences, the GAMSP-GASSP Fall Conference and GAEL sponsored law seminars.

Networking and Sharing Ideas

Members have the opportunity to get together to share information and ideas at conferences and district meetings.


Outstanding accomplishments are recognized via the H.M. Fulbright Distinguished Service Award, Jim Puckett Outstanding Middle School Educator Award, John Lounsbury Award, Mike Campbell Exemplary Administrator Award and the Education Patron Award.

Educational Resources

Links to a number of web sites that focus on educational issues and provide pertinent information are provided via the GAEL and GAMSP web sites at www.gael.org. Summaries of articles from professional journals and research findings are posted on the web site and Emailed to members. A daily summary of the activities of the Georgia Legislature is provided on the GAEL web site during the legislative session. Click here for additional websites.

Strength in Numbers

GAEL and GAMSP are the largest organizations representing middle school leaders in Georgia. Members may also choose to belong to the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

A Voice with Decision-Makers

Members are provided information and their input is sought concerning state and federal legislation and/or State Board of Education actions that will impact the operation of schools. Input is frequently sought by Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Professional Standards Commission staff concerning the development of rules, regulations and/or programs. Staff members are on-site during the annual Georgia Legislative session, monthly meetings of the State Board of Education and meetings of other decision-making bodies to serve as advocates for students and school leaders. Information is also provided and input sought concerning national issues.

Membership Dues

$75 per year (July 1 June 30)

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