The first planning session for the organization of a state-wide personnel association in Georgia took place in 1966 during a meeting of the Georgia Education Association, which later became the Georgia Association of Educators. A group of personnel administrators in attendance at the conference determined that organizing into an affiliate group would provide the opportunity during the GAE conferences for school personnel administrators to share information and find solutions to common problems. Although no longer an affiliate of GAE, this collaboration of personnel administrators has extended in scope and influence to the present day organization. GASPA was formed as a professional organization for persons working in the field of human resources. It is an affiliate of the American Association of School Personnel Administrators (AASPA) and most recently an affiliate of GAEL. GASPA provides up to date professional development and resources through statewide conferences and through strong partnerships with state agencies and educational organizations. The organization prides itself with opportunities for networking with other HR professionals all across the state. An email network is established to allow questions to be posted and information to be accessed to help members with the task of running an HR Office.


The mission of the Georgia Association of School Personnel Administrators is to lead the way in providing best practice human capital management services for Georgia's K-12 public schools.


All persons who are concerned with the purposes of this organization may become members. Annual membership is fromJuly 1 to June 30 of each year. Membership dues for active and retired members shall be established by the executive board.

Executive Board

The executive board consists of a president, president elect, past president, treasurer, secretary, Legislative Liaison, three members at large  and business partner liaison elected for a term of one year.

Professional Development

Two conferences per year are held for the membership. The Spring Conference is typically held in May and our Fall Conference is held in November. For a complete listing of conference dates and locations, please click on the link to our GASPA website.

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