The mission of the Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors (GACIS) is to advocate for excellence in public education by providing visionary leadership and professional learning that ensures a rigorous, performance-based curriculum and high quality instruction for all students.


We believe we must:

  • Communicate expectations for learning through a standards-based curriculum.
  • Assess student learning through a balance of formative and summative measures tied to standards.
  • Support all students to meet or exceed their potential.
  • Protect time for instruction that will impact the quality and quantity of student learning.
  • Supervise instruction and monitor results.
  • Foster a continuous improvement model using multiple measures of data and research-based strategies.
  • Provide on-going, job-embedded professional learning.
  • Secure instructional resources and technology for 21st century classrooms.
  • Ensure that a quality teacher serves students in every classroom.
  • Grant local school districts the flexibility to make decisions about the educational improvements for which they are held accountable.