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Founded in 1942, re-organized with new branding in 1971, the Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors (GACIS) is the largest professional organization for system-level and building-level educational leaders whose primary responsibility is curriculum development and/or instructional supervision.  

You are not alone in your work; with over 1100 current members, GACIS provides a rich network of outstanding experienced and new leaders.
The Annual GACIS Fall Conference in September and the GACIS Winter Conference in December provide outstanding professional growth and development opportunities with national experts in the field sharing the latest research and endless networking opportunities while attending the conferences.
Broaden your knowledge as you share and learn valuable information, skills, strategies, and best practice from fellow Georgia educators and corporate partners.

GACIS provides timely and up-to-date critical information on educational issues, policies,  and developments and serves as the unified voice for its members.

GACIS provides numerous opportunities to be a mentor and leader and to expand your professional network.

GACIS members are eligible and encouraged to join GAEL and expand their professional network.

Professional Learning

GACIS conferences offer outstanding opportunities to hear national speakers, local education practitioners and to network with colleagues. Through its affiliation with GAEL, broad based conferences and workshops provide additional opportunities for professional growth.

GACIS Fall Conference, held each September at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, is the largest GACIS Conference. In addition to national speakers and Georgia practitioners, corporate sponsors and exhibitors display the latest educational resources.

GACIS Winter Conference held in December provides members an opportunity to connect research recommendations, strategies and practice to improve instruction.

National speakers include but not limited to:

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jocobs
Dr. Peter Johnston
Dr. Ainsley Rose
Larry Ainsworth
Dr. Timothy Rasinski
Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm
Dr. Ray McNutty
David Warlick
Alan Blankstein
Stephen Ventura
Dr. Freeman Hrabowski
Dr. John Saphier
Dr. Robert Brooks
Dr. Sue Gendron
Dr. Melissa Fincher

Dr. Debra Pickering
Dr. Robert Marzano
Dr. Doug Reeves
Dr. Mike Schmoker
Dr. Tom Guskey
Dr. Grant Wiggins
Dr. Anne Davies
John Antonetti
Beatrice "Bea" McGarvey


Each year critical educational issues are discussed and the GACIS Legislative Priorities are approved. These priorities are posted on the website and sent to each GACIS District Director to be distributed for members to use as “talking points” with their local representatives and senators.

Working with GAEL and the other five affiliates of GAEL: Georgia School Superintendents Association; Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education; Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals; Georgia Association of Middle School Principals; and Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals, GACIS provides a unified voice for educational leaders at the Georgia General Assembly. Representatives from one or more of the six affiliates, especially GSSA, attend each day that the legislature meets to monitor, debate, provide testimony, and speak personally with legislators on the issues that are important to public education. A daily legislative update prepared by GSSA is posted on the GACIS Website and alerts are sent as necessary. GACIS also represents you before Georgia’s decision makers. Whether on rules, codes, standards, organizing for instruction, assessment or other issues regarding teaching and learning from certification to teacher retirement, GACIS works to keep you informed and to represents your interests. GACIS reports news, research and analysis of federal legislation that impacts student achievement.

Opportunities for Involvement

GACIS has sixteen Districts and several standing committees. Members may elect to join one of the 16 GACIS Districts. Membership is open to all leaders whose primary area of responsibility is related to curriculum, instruction, and supervision, both at the district and building levels. All members are encouraged to be involved in their local GACIS District. At the state level, GACIS offers members many opportunities to network and get involved in state and national policy issues and participate in the governance of the association.

New Curriculum Leaders Program

The work of the Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors (GACIS) is multi-faceted, complex and constantly evolving to meet the demands of the changing landscape of public education.   A primary goal of GACIS is to provide curriculum and instructional leaders with relevant professional development to improve teacher effectiveness and student learning. Curriculum leaders play a crucial role in developing and communicating a shared vision aligned to district and school goals. They must demonstrate a deep understanding of the concepts, processes, and skills required to organize, lead and systemically improve curriculum design and delivery and create a collaborative environment in which learning and time for learning are maximized.  

The NCLP program provides professional learning opportunities through face-to-face training and online support for new curriculum and instruction supervisors/directors.

•    Be a current member of GACIS
•    Have less than 3 years of experience as a curriculum leader at the system or building level
•    Have approval from immediate supervisor and superintendent to participate in the program
•    Commit to attending all sessions, face-to-face and online

Registration fee--$500  Participants who attend all sessions and complete all assignments will receive complimentary registration for the GACIS Fall Conference that follows course completion.


Membership Options

Regular $75.00 – For educational leaders employed as the following:

  • Full time in a K-12 school system in Georgia and who hold supervisory, coordinating, or consulting positions directly related to the improvement of instruction and curriculum development. Regular members who are employed full time are eligible to vote, hold elected office, and serve on all committees and boards including the Executive Board.
  • Less than full time in a K-12 school system in Georgia and who hold supervisory, coordinating, or consulting positions directly related to the improvement of instruction and curriculum development. Regular members employed less than full time are eligible to vote and serve on all committees and boards except the Executive Board.

Associate $75.00 - For any person employed by public and private institutions of higher learning, members of educational agencies who provide services to GACIS or affiliate associations, and individuals formerly holding regular membership who no longer qualify for such membership. Associate Members are eligible to vote and serve on all committees and boards except the Executive Board.

Retired $25.00 - For any person who served as an educational leader and are fully retired. Retired members do not vote or hold elected office.

Honorary - May be conferred by the Board of Directors to a person who has performed meritorious service for GACIS and/or for public education in Georgia. No membership fees will be expected of the recipient. Honorary members shall not be eligible to vote or hold office.