Georgia Association of Educational Leaders


Provide Adequate Funding

  • Fund the state formula for the essential costs of K-12 schools. Eliminate formula reductions and austerity cuts.
  • Refrain from allowing public funds for private education through vouchers, scholarships, tuition credits, or tax exemptions.
  • Allow systems flexibility to fund initiatives and programs focused on unique school and system needs to meet the demands of an ever evolving future.
  • Restore funding to maximum class size at the FY 2009 levels.
  • Fund quality professional learning.


Provide Appropriate Support

  • Support a long-term strategy that ensures our ability to recruit, retain, support and develop the highest quality teachers and leaders in the nation.
  • Continue to recognize training and experience as components of comprehensive educator compensation models.
  • Continue support for TRS, the current defined benefit retirement system.
  • Promote teaching as a career and recognize educators as professionals.
  • Ensure valid, reliable and effective teacher and leader effectiveness measures.
  • Continue funding support for RESAs.
  • Expand virtual education, innovative educational opportunities, instructional resources and technology infrastructure for 21st century classrooms.
  • Provide for multiple student support systems, including the funding of appropriate school personnel to provide access to high quality academic, behavioral and mental health supports and to coordinate services with other providers


Support Local School Board Authority

  • Support local school board authority ensuring that legislation is aligned with constitutional provisions regarding public school governance.
  • Continue to enable school board selection of local system superintendents


Support the position statements and priorities of GAEL affiliates as well as GSBA.