From all of us at GAEL, we are proud to partner with each of our members and educational leaders to take care of our communities and keep the learning process going for our children (and our educators!) during this challenging time.
We hope you are already seeing that GAEL is working to make sure our members get the communication, collaboration, and resources you need to make this COVID-19 Virus challenge a little easier to bear as leaders. Our goal is for each GAEL leader to be proud to be an annual GAEL member and to support our Professional Learning, Legislative Advocacy, and Networking activities that make you stronger.
As it stands now, we are working on the conviction that by July 12, 2020, Georgians will feel safe and ready to get out of their houses and begin working on opening an amazing school year for some children who will be ready to be back in the “real” classroom again. Thus, we are designing the Summer GAEL Conference to be focused around “Social Emotional Learning” for both children AND us adults.
We believe we will all need a little #SEL by then, and if the country and state of Georgia are ready to go back to work in July, we are currently planning to greet you again at Jekyll Island for some fellowship, professional learning, and some storytelling about how we used our leadership in 2020 to take care of GA’s children and our staff…and how we will do so in the future.
Obviously, if we see in June that it would be impossible to have the conference safely due to CDC or federal/state guidelines, then we will do our part to protect you, your families, and the public. If it comes to that, we will do the right thing, and we will make that decision on or before June 19.
But until then, we are planning for the possibility that July will come and the hot summer sun will signal it is time to get ready for an amazing school year. What a great way to finally get out of the house after getting the all clear…by coming to Jekyll Island!
With that in mind, we will open Summer GAEL registration on April 1, and we all will view our willingness to go ahead and register for the Summer GAEL Conference as a sign of faith in better times ahead and of our commitment to making sure that GAEL stays strong to support Georgia’s educational leaders in FY 2021.
In light of current circumstances, we are working on special registration and cancellation policies to give you total peace about registering for the conference. If you will go ahead and have faith and register for the Summer GAEL Conference on April 1, we are developing a policy that ensures that you do not lose your conference registration portion of the fee, while still preserving/renewing your membership in GAEL and one of our affiliates for the 2020-2021 school year.
In other words, we promise that if you will have faith in the future and register for and invest in SUMMER GAEL on or after APRIL 1, we will take care of you (and your money)! Remember, you do not have to pay the fee right away, and we will invoice you later.
Also, our advice is to go ahead and book your hotel room on Jekyll Island ASAP so that you have reservations that are good to go (The Westin and the Home2 hotel are already sold out!)
Summer GAEL at Jekyll Island is July 12-15!
Registration Opens April 1