Please join us in welcoming our newest teammate in the GAEL organization: Mrs. Cindy Flesher, GAEL Professional Learning Coordinator!
In order to serve our members’ ever-changing (and ever-growing) needs for new skills, training, and networking, the GAEL organization is beginning a multi-year expansion of Professional Learning services as a benefit to GAEL members and all GAEL Affiliates. In order to ensure you have one more resource you can call on to help you face the challenges of educational leadership, we have brought Cindy aboard to help you find the resources you need and give you one more reason to call GAEL your premier professional association!
In essence, “GAEL” is NOT just a conference twice a year in Athens or Jekyll Island. Instead, GAEL is your professional organization with a mission to serve your needs for Professional Learning, Networking, and Policy Advocacy in the days and weeks BETWEEN THE CONFERENCES!
Cindy hails from Houston County School District, where she recently retired as Deputy Superintendent. We are thrilled to have Cindy join our team because she not only has a history of credibility as an educational leader as a former elementary school principal and district office administrator, but she also boasts a history of love for the GAEL organization, having served as GAEL President in 2013-2014.