The 2019 Legal Issues Conference is set for November 4-6 at the University Hotel (Continuing Education Center) at UGA in Athens. The agenda for Monday, November 4, will focus on student issues, including sexual harrassment, medical needs, DFACS, juvenile court, free speech and more. There is no better way to remain current with regard to state law changes, State Board of Education rules, and federal law than to listen to Phil Hartley put it all in perspective.

Tuesday, November 5, will focus on a combination of school discipline, Title IX Regulations, dealing with parents and more.

The Wednesday, November 6, session will concentrate on human resources topics including sexual harassment, drug testing, LGBT employees’ rights and personnel records

It is so very important that someone from each school system attend the Legal Issues Conference so that your system can remain current with all the changes that taking place. You can obtain a flash drive with all of the information and more that can enable your school system to know the most current information. Of all the things that I did as a high school principal, attending the Legal Issues Conference was the most valuable tool that kept me out of trouble. I recommend it to you with greatest enthusiasm!