House Passes FY2017 Budget

Wednesday February 24, 2016

On Friday of last week the House passed their version of the FY 2017 Budget.

While the House made only a few relative changes to the Governor’s proposed budget, it did provide a significant boost to public education.  The House enacted separate funding to insure a 3% raise for agriculture teachers, CTAE teachers, nurses, lunchroom workers, and bus drivers.  Separate funding gave RESA employees a 3% raise.  The separate funding for the previous groups will make it much easier for local systems to find a way to give other teachers and educators a 3% raise.  While the Governor asked systems to give all educators a 3% raise he did not provide the funds for such other than the reduction in the austerity cut for FY 2017.  The House also made some other changes to “true-up” the budget based on FY 2016 spending.