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Dear Elementary Colleagues,

As your Executive Director, my highest priority is to facilitate membership growth in the Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals (GAESP). Someone recently asked me, “Why should I join GAESP and GAEL?” That was a fair question, and I am happy to share with you what I believe are valid reasons to join GAESP and GAEL:

  1. Professional Development - Affording opportunities for principals to improve and enhance their leadership skills. Earn Professional Learning Units (PLU’s)when attending our Conferences.
  2. Recognition of Accomplishments - Focusing attention on outstanding leaders and outstanding schools, including the Georgia Distinguished Principals, National Distinguished Principal, School Bell Awards, Patron/Business Partner Award, Outstanding Assistant Principal, and etc.
  3. Networking and Sharing Ideas - Featuring annual conferences with break-out sessions, informative workshops, updated school law information, and exhibitors.
  4. Strength in Numbers - GAESP and GAEL are becoming “major players” in watching and shaping newly introduced legislation/bills. In addition, GAESP and GAEL provide instant e-mail ALERTS to members if/when threatening legislative bills are on the horizon.
  5. Educational Resources - Providing access to many educational websites and instructional proven materials, as well as communicating current and upcoming conferences and workshops.
  6. A Voice in Atlanta and Washington - Keeping principals and school administrators informed of federal and state developments and advocating on behalf of children.

I need your help in sharing with your colleagues the benefits of professional membership in GAESP and GAEL. Please visit and remember, informed school leaders make informed decisions. Have a great year!

Hal Beaver, GAESP Executive Director


Recognition Opportunities

Assistant Principal Award – The Assistant Principal Award is presented to an active assistant principle with a minimum of two years at their present school, holds a Georgia L5 certification, is an active member of GAESP and respective district association for the last two consecutive years, is an online administrator during year of award presentation and is not a state-wide elected officer.

Distinguished Service Award - The GAESP Distinguished Service Award may be presented to a retired GAESP member who has exhibited exemplary educational leadership ability and has brought honor to his colleagues, his profession, and to self.

Education Patron Award – Each of the districts of GAESP may select an outstanding educational supporter from his district to be awarded a GAESP Education Patron Award and to become a finalist for the Georgia Distinguished Educational Patron Award.

School Bell Award – The GAESP presents this award each year to give recognition to not more than ten (10) schools, with outstanding programs in the area of curriculum and organizational leadership.

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